Kotaku, Evan Narcisse: "This Game Feels Like an Underground Rock Zine. That's a Good Thing." - "...the thing that keeps me coming back is the sense that I’m traveling through someone else’s very specific creative impulses. It's a feeling that's all too rare in playing video games."

IndieStatik, Chris Priestman: "Demon Chic: A Parade of Drugs, Dreams And Minorities" - "As wildly imaginative and trippy as Demon Chic looks and pretty much is, there's a very real base of ideas that ground it in matters of reality that very few games have dared to go near. It's alternative voices telling their tales, their struggles, and those dream sequences do a wonderful job of illustrating them..."

Jayisgames.com, Suzanne: "A uniquely involving and often wryly funny meditation on human tolerance and difference, this game answers the question implicit in Ebert's statement: what can a video game say that other forms of art cannot? A landmark in app design and an indication of the medium's emerging maturity..."

 Uncommon Assembly, Russell Fincher: "Demon Chic" profile - "...at the intersection of animated cartoons, a television sitcom, and the sketchbook of a madman. ... The game bounces around between various levels of realism and rendering styles, full of surrealist vignettes and mini-games that keep the player surprised, entertained, and often delightfully confused."

Destructoid, Jonathan Holmes: "Demon Chic dev on queer games and developing with mom" - "...a game about hallucinating boyfriends..." 

148Apps, Jennifer Allen:  "Demon Chic" review - "It’s powerful stuff and sometimes deeply sad, but it’s a fascinatingly surreal world to explore. Its story is so distinctive, we’ve used a new category–Story Quality–to highlight just how important and successful it is in Demon Chic." - 4/5 stars

  148Apps, Jennifer Allen: "The Personal Ties Behind The Making Of Surreal Indie Adventure, Demon Chic" - "Demon Chic is hugely different from anything else on the App Store..."