"Demon Chic" officially launched

It's been a long two years since we first started working on "Demon Chic", but I'm really proud of what we ended up making now that it's finally made its way into the App Store. For all the surprising ways in which the game has changed from our initial vision of what it would look like, it's stayed pretty close to what we envisioned overall - this has us excited about what we can make next, though hopefully our next game won't take nearly as long after everything we've learned from this project.

"Demon Chic" makes us both so, so proud, but it's just the beginning. This year we hope to enter the game in as many festivals as possible, and get it in the hands of as many journalists as possible, so that the work we've done so far can be worth it; even after two years, and immediately after a really tough crunch period, playing the game still makes us smile, which is, I think, a really good sign.

We can't wait to show you what we have in the works with Game #2, but for now, thanks to everyone that's supported "Demon Chic" so far, we have big, big plans for it!